Dear Keep Well Member,

Keep Well has received funding from the New Horizons for Seniors Program, to offer a new Project on Mental Well Being for Seniors. The components of this Project will comprise of a series of workshops on Mental Wellness for Seniors; one-on-one telephone coaching; and Zoom exercise classes by Afsar Paidar, Keep Well Exercise Instructor.

New workshops, starting June 2, 2021 will be held via Zoom by Rosa Tkacova, a Certified Health Coach and retired Medical Doctor.
The 7 workshop topics will be:

  1. Principles of healthy living
  2. Eating well: eating habits and mental wellbeing
  3. Being physically active
  4. Sleeping well to support mental health
  5. Emotional wellness: self acceptance, joy and gratitude
  6. Social interaction and mental wellbeing
  7. Community integration

Each workshop will include a presentation on the workshop topic, followed by group discussion, coaching and mentoring. One-on-one coaching by telephone by Rosa Tkacova will also be available.

Computer support by Wallis Dixon will be available to help you access the Zoom meetings and exercise classes.

To participate in this Project, please email us at or contact Heather Dunsford at 604-929-1964.