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Keep Well and Keep Connected with Andy Demeule

Exercise with Andy – Moderate Chair Exercises of the Active Senior

Featuring Andy Demeule, Fitness Director, of North Shore Keep Well Society

This video has been prepared through the auspices of the Continuing Education program of Capilano College with production and direction by Eric Crosland and Ryan Shannon, graduates of the Film Studies Department.

Music Soundtrack – Jim Woodyard and associates – Creation Studios, Burnaby, B.C.

As with any exercise program, it is recommended that you speak with your physician to ensure that there is no health problem that could have negative effects for you.

Keep Well Society 30th Anniversary

30th Anniversary Celebration! The 30th Anniversary was held in September 2017. The video shows Seniors exercising together at Capilano Mall. Ted Stokes narrates the video created by volunteer and participant, Stuart Spani. It was produced by Production Service by Norlynn A/V Services.

Keep Well Society Exercise

Keep Well Celebrates 25th Anniversary!! Narrated by Elise Shepherd, a long time North Shore Keep Well Volunteer, the video shows the exercise program with our seniors exercising at Capilano Mall in September 2012. Participant narration is by Dolly Stokes and Pat Quesnel.

Members of Keep Well can purchase a video of an exercise session one of the locations (see Programs page) or by going to the Keep Well Administration office.

Keep Well Society 1993

The first video of the North Shore Keep Well Society was created in 1993. It is narrated by Bob Gillingham, husband of long time volunteer, Barbara Gillingham. It was produced by the Capilano College Production Team.