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Who We Are

The North Shore Keep Well Society (Keep Well) is a registered Society in British Columbia and a federally registered Charity.

Our Goal is to encourage and help older adults to keep well by leading active and independent lives.  Keep Well is an exercise and wellness program for seniors. Programs take place weekly and year round (except August) at seven organizations from Parkgate to Dundarave. The two hour program includes one hour of exercise followed by one hour of blood pressure checks, health coaching, massage, speakers and social times. Keep Well is FREE, open and inclusive to participants. To read more about Keep Well Society please download a copy of Keep Well Presentation(PDF, 6.26 megs)


Keep Well was founded in 1986 by a group of individuals who initiated a health promotion program for North Shore seniors in order that they be healthy, physically fit, socially connected and aware of community resources. The program was based on the idea that seniors have a responsibility to maintain and enhance their own health.

Keep Well has established alliances with several organizations to provide the programs. This win-win situation helps Keep Well by allowing us free space, and it assists our host organizations by providing programs for their client groups.

Demographics of participants include

  • Ages range between 55 and 102. Average age is 76.
  • Participants are mobile – they come to the programs under their own steam.
  • An increasing number of ethno cultural participants, male and female, are enrolling in the programs.
  • Though participants come from many income levels, some are on a fixed income and live in subsidized housing.

The organization continues to evolve and uses the following objectives to guide its development.

  • To provide drop-in programs in which older adults can learn and practice regular keep well activities;
  • To expand and enrich such programs as appropriate;
  • To develop programs by which people needing special help can be counselled and referred to competent community resources;
  • To arrange and publicize workshops and health fairs which will increase general awareness of community health resources and promote the Keep Well Program;
  • To collaborate with all other personnel and agencies whose programs complement and strengthen the Keep Well Program.