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2308, 2017

Keep Well Volunteer Tea

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Keep Well volunteers were honoured at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Event at Silver Harbour on June 21st, 2017. Dignitaries included MLA's Ralph Sultan and Jane Thornthwaite; Mayors Mussatto and Walton; Anna Louie and Malcolm McCucheon from PARC  Retirement Living and Danielle Kyei, the Outreach Assistant [...]

206, 2017

A New Keep Well Site!

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Come and join us at St. John The Evangelist Anglican Church. Exercises with Christine Colbow begin at 11:30 am on Tuesday mornings. Come and have your blood pressure taken at 11 am.  The address is: 220 8th Street West, North Vancouver, V7M 1N1.  

407, 2015

Parkgate High Tea for Easter

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Parkgate High Tea for Easter On April 1st, the Parkgate Community Centre held a Traditional High Tea for Easter. Joy Gardiner, the Keep Well Site Coordinator and several other Keep Well Volunteers and participants took advantage of the day and donned some lovely Easter hats. [...]

407, 2015

Senior Service Providers Expo

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Senior Service Providers Expo Keep Well Fitness Director, Andy Demeule is seen here with Sharon Bidder, Certified Shiatsu Therapist and owner of Soothing Hands Shiatsu in West Vancouver. Both attended the Senior Service Providers Expo that was held at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre [...]